VTsistema company is full of qualified and long experienced specialists. Modern technology and equipment allow us to guarantee the quality of our production. Our products have CE certification requirements and are exported to foreign countries market. We develop new products, improve the knowledge for better implement the current and future partners’ expectations.

The company’s main activities are design automation systems and components, its production and sales, and also consulting about systems or components choices.

We offer reliable and professional solutions with aims to satisfy our customer requirements. We also want to ensure the full technical support, because we are interested in a long-term cooperation.

If you have any questions or inquiries in the field of automation systems, please contact us and we will try to give a comprehensive answer or offer.




Triac speed controllers ERV ..T

Triac speed controllers ERV ..T are designed to change the motor rotation speed by changing voltage. Controllers have function of triac thermoprotection. The regulation of motors rotating speed is stepless from set minimum inside of controller up to full suply voltage on the controllers output. The rotating setpoint can be done with knob which is located on the cover of controller. The controllers also have ON/OFF switch with green power supply indication. Fuse is installed in the controller for safety work. More then onemotorcan be connected to the controller, if total current of all motors is less than maximum controller current.

Electronic controller REC 16, REC 16MB for electric heating

The controller REC.. is intended to be used for electric heating control by PID algorithm. Operating is managed in accordance with set and measured temperatures. If measured temperature is lower than set one, controller gradually changes the pulse and pause time of heater's power supply voltage in order to get precise value of set temperature. The controller can work with internal or external temperature sensor or with both at one time, when heating control is carried out with temperature limitation of the supply air and the room temperature control according the set temperature.

Electric rectangular duct heaters/preheaters for ventilation systems with RS485 MODBUS

The electric rectangular duct heaters/preheaters are intended to be used for heating of clean air in the ventilation systems. Also heaters/preheaters can be used for heating or preheating function with air handling units. The heaters/preheaters can be supplied with or without installed electronic controller, with pressure and flow monitoring system or produced according to the client requirements. It is possible to connect to the BMS system via the RS485 MODBUS. The heater/preheater cases are produced from aluzinc coated metal sheet, sealing rubber for tight connection with ventilation duct system. The stainless steel tubes of heating elements are used in the heaters/preheaters.